Home Tour: our home under the dome

I’m a sucker for a home tour. I especially love when they aren’t by design-savvy blogger who are graced with unlimited interior design resources and talent.

We are pretty much all moved in here, so I thought I’d invite y’all over. Our place is small, so it won’t take long.

Come on in!

Welcome to myyyyyy house! The theme is: Matching is for Losers.

One step in the door and you’re in the living room, dining room, and ten steps from the kitchen! Cozy.

I can actually still vacuum the entire house without replugging the vacuum. I rarely vacuum anyways, but still..

When I saw this sign I thought, “This is exacty how I feel when Brad gets home!!” Then I saw it was in the pet decor section.

Moving on!

 Pinterest Project #1. ^^

Most of our things are thrift store finds. My sister and mom call me a hoarder. I say, atleast I’m an organized hoarder!

Tired from all this walking? Turn around. You’re in the dinning “room!”

We set our home up with Evey in mind. All rooms -besides the bathroom- are baby safe- not with baby locks, but just in how they are organized. There’s nothing on the bottom of the bar cart or tables, everything in the kitchen cabinets is safe to explore, and all glassware is stowed away, up high. We don’t stop Evey from exploring things, and it’s nice to know no matter where she is in the house she can’t break anything or hurt herself.. easily..

Project #2: reupholster. ^^ Never again. ..but we do like how this little reading nook in the toy room turned out.

I appreciate that Evey has just enough toys that it only takes 60 seconds to pick up in here. Evey even started putting the books back on the shelf. Now I just need to teach her how to do the laundry.

Our room is next.

The woredrobe rack ^^ is project #3, and the last for now. Our home was built in 1951, so we have tiny closets (and tiny rooms)! With our floor bed and woredrobe, we look way more hipster than we are. (We’re not hip, at all!! It’s utility, people!)

Lastly, Evey’s room.

Things in here are very simplistic. It’s just a floor bed, some books for reading, and a few frames. We have a baby gate at the door that we shut at night. Although, Evey has been sleeping through the night these days in her big girl bed, which has been blissful!

One of the best parts to our house is the location. We are only a few blocks away from Chipotle (and other restaurants that I’m less obsessed with, like.. Five Guys, Brad’s favorite). We’re around the corner from Notre Dame- you can hardly get closer. It’s so bike and walk friendly- with the coolest on-campus park. AND we have the most generous, hilarious, and kind-hearted neighbor, Denise (Aunt Necie)! We really love it here.

That’s a wrap.

Now I really want to see a home tour from my sister, who is living in Italy, and my other sister, who is just living down the street.

write this down vi

image image

Before my grandpa passed away last month, Evey and I were able to make a visit home to say goodbye. Evey was asleep in my arms while Grandpa just rubbed her cheeks, forehead, and hair. I got to tell him how much I love him, hug him, and kiss him one last time.

The day before, I held his hand and laid with him in bed. Evey giggled while Jorgi played with her, and Grandpa enjoyed listening. Molly, Jorgi, and I talked about some of our favorite memories with him. I mentioned my twenty-first birthday when we went out for lunch and “my first beer.” It was one of those good years when winter had melted away by the end of March, so the weather was warm on the Eastern Shore and we sat outside. When the waitress came with our drinks she spilled Mommom’s red wine all over his khaki shorts. His “well, alright!” reaction was hilarious. They gave him a free t-shirt, though that didn’t help much with the wine stained shorts. I talked about sleepovers when I was little. I’d sleep right in the middle, or he’d give up his place for the night so I could sleep with Mommom. He talked about the trips to the Adirondack Mountains he and Mommom had taken me and my big sister, Alex, for two summers. We’d stay in a cabin on a lake- swim everyday, take water jugs to the mountain spout to fill, go into town for day showings of whatever movie was playing (in the tinniest theatre), and scrapbook- we LOVED scrapbooking.

image image image

Today we head down to Maryland to celebrate Grandpa’s life. It seemed like a good day to write those things down about my last memories of grandpa and these days with Evey.

At fifteen-months…

…when we play with the “Little People”, and I use a high/squeaky girl voice, and you mimic me and do it yourself, moving the little princesses all around

…the way you freak out giggling and trying to get away when we say “I’m gunna get you!!!!!!!”

…your love of toy trucks and cars- you’ll drag your huge Tonka truck around the house time and time again- it never gets old to you

…when you see dad and mom cuddling or hugging and immediately make a mad dash for us- persistent to be between us

…on our bike ride through campus on the way back from Godmother and Godfathers, and you fell asleep, resting your forehead on daddy’s hand

…when you haven’t seen your dad, who often leaves for work when you’re not yet up and gets back once you’re in bed for the night, for a couple days and he met us at the park, and you just hugged him for five minutes straight- you broke both our hearts

…the brief and rare moments that you just lay back and relax or rest your head on my shoulder

…your love of reading- you bring me or dad a book, and then you sit on our lap with the most proper upright posture and look eagerly for us to begin the story

…when you want something and so you just holler sharply “MOM. MOM. MOM. MOM. MOM!” until I appear

…your sweet, sweet kisses

…when you take your Little People up in your high chair with you and try to feed them some of your food

…when, after one week of being away, we visited Godmother (who you call “ga”) at the Morris Inn- when you saw her you leaped out of my arms and into hers

…the first time we finger-painted, and all you really wanted to do was arrange the paint bottles in a line again and again

…our trips to St. Joseph Beach this summer- you love to toddle down to the water, fill your red bucket, and toss the water into the hole I’ve dug for you

…your excitement to feed the ducks.- you yell “ducks! Duck!”

…your love of dogs, and the puckered-lip enthused face you make when you see them

…your response to music consistently, every time it’s- a shoulder pop and head bob- you love to “dance,” girl

…that you finally sleep through the night!!in a big girl bed!! at fifteen-months!!YAAAY!!

…cuddling up with you, taking three-hour naps in the middle of the day because we can

…days at home just the two of us- playing, cleaning, snuggling, eating, being silly and learning

…our trip to Maryland for Alex and Jake’s crab feast- you loved spending time with the “kids” (your aunts and uncles), Mommom, Nonna, Poppop and your great granddad- you’ve finally warmed up to everyone

These are “the days” for sure. We wish Grandpa were still here for them.


Go Terps!


So much love for his great granddaughter!

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord. And let the perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Highs + Lows- Totus Tuus!


Everyday is a rollercoaster ride over here- emotionally and energy-wise that is. Things go from clean + happy + entergetic to chaos with a side of an emotion breakdown/ exhaustion in one hot spiraling second. At least, that’s how fast it feels. This rise and fall happens a few times a day, coincides with nap time, and is likely to occur with greater intensity if I: a) have some sort of thing I must accomplish in a timely manner -or- b) am playing catch-up on the mess from the day before. (MOM!! how do you do it?!?)

This age is amazing. At 15-months is so curious, sweet, hilarious, interactive, and engaging. It’s also a struggle to adjust as a first-time mom. Life will never be as easy as those first days. I wrote this post a couple weeks ago, but think it illustrates how crazy things are feeling right now…

For the most part, Eve is a laid-back, joyful little girl. She laughs easy, and loves to cuddle. While I’m skeptical of judging a child’s temperament too soon, I’m hypothesizing that Evey takes after her dad in some of his best ways. On this occasion- however- she was acting more like her mother.

We were standing in the airport, waiting in line for Chipotle. She was screaming- the loudest I’ve ever heard her- without, what it seemed liked, breathing. She roared one cry after the other. Again. And again. Other customers were having trouble ordering- all anyone could hear were my firecracker’s cries.

She was relentless.

If anyone was staring, I didn’t notice. I dodged all eye contact, remained steadfast in my “baby bumping,” continued to reassure her it was alright, and kept what I thought was a peaceful/happy face (that I’m sure was actually a overwhelmed-pathetic one).

Then, as loud as can be, and in a playful demeanor, Chipotle Man cried out, “HEY! What’s wrong whichu bebe?!” Anyone who wasn’t watching our scene before was definitely all eyes and ears now. Evey was totally silenced and captivated by Chipotle Man. “HEY!” He went on, “You like milk, bebe?” …goes to grab chocolate milk, removes straw, hands it to Evey. She’s silent, intrigued. I’m laughing. He’s still yelling, “Your feet haven’t touched the ground since you left the womb! So, what you crying about?! That’s right! That’s right! Get this girl some milk, that’s what I’m talkin bout!” (..And then three more minutes of silly yelling as we check out.)

I asked Chipotle Man if he babysits. Although the wiser move would’ve been to propose a free flight to Chicago, if he’d just come along and keep happy my molar-teething toddler.

We didn’t even make it the 50-ft to our gate before Evey was wailing again. So, I had Evey panicking on my hip, I’m dragging a stroller, pillow, and bag, and adding to the stress she squeezes the chocolate milk all over, so now that is dripping down my shirt and skirt. Sweet. -_- At the gate, I tried to give Evey Tylenol. Add Tylenol to the list of sticky junk that’s all over my body.

“Bebe”: 3 Mom: 0

Somehow, I felt serenity for the very first time admist this stressful mama moment. I’m not at all patient, and I’m thinking it came from day two of my Marian consecration. Totus Tuus. My threshold is rising.

So, finally, somehow, we made it to our seat. For whatever reason, no one wanted to sit next to us. Weird. And about five minutes after take-off, Evey was fast asleep on my lap, and I’m looking out, across the wing, to a stunning fluffy, cumulus cloudy sky.

Hallelujah. Mom: 3000


(Sweet + entertaining sleep position on the plane. She didn’t even stir during landing!)

I’ve struggled with adjusting to life as a toddler mom. The hardest thing is attempting to accomplish something so very small and I’m unable to do so without my daughter tugging at my dress while she screams. I’m almost constantly calling my mom for reassurance. Luckily, she still picks up. She said it gets easier, and for the first time ever I sorta felt that.. I could do this. And not just do it, but do it with joy (the ultimate goal), lower standards, and less of a RBF.

That’s all, for now.

we like it here

IMG_9461 IMG_9462

Just yesterday I shocked both Bradley and myself with the words that came out of my mouth. “This is the first place I can really see us living forever.”

Brad smirked.. because.. I was skeptical to move here. I didn’t grow up loving ND like he did (as all the Harringtons do), but the past month here I’ve come to love South Bend and ND. Maybe I’m too confident in my sentiments. I mean, we haven’t even experienced our first Midwest winter. Plus, I just really love Summer. Pluuuus, some of our family is here (which really is the main reason that- I think- we love it so much). But there’s just something about it here that you can’t help but love.

We’re living in our first home. We’re only renting, yet somehow being in a home (as opposed to the apartments we lived in during our first two years of marriage) feels like a milestone.

Bradley traded in his 30+ min commute to work for a .8 mile bike ride. And maybe it’s the Phoenix-girl in me speaking, but beautiful oh beautiful, it is so green here! We love it. As I put Evey down, I look outside to a green yard, with trees with ivy crawling up their trunks. It’s gorgeous.

Tomorrow our things finally arrive from Phoenix. Maybe I will stop hearing things like, “You really like that sweater. You wear it a lot!” because I will finally have more than six outfits. We’ve been living out of a suitcase for two months, since before our trip to California. What vagabonds.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a video of Evey in her favorite high chair position.

new home! next chapter!

So, South Bend, Indiana. Chapter One is titled: Godmother and Godfather Are Awesome

But first, let’s backtrack to how we got here.

The Wedding

My sweet, little, and living-saint of a sister-in-law (and former roomie- woot, woot!) got married on June 11, which sent us West to San Diego for the first two weeks of June.

I’ve repeated to Bradley probably twenty times since that it was the most fun I’ve had in my entire life. It really was!

We stayed up until 2:30 AM dancing, singing, and jumping all over. (It was a backyard reception, and meanwhile Evey slept soundly in our room.) When the DJ finally left we heated up the hot tub and went swimming. IT WAS AWESOME.

Then it was back home for us. Bradley was working 14-hour days and for me it was…

Packing Madness

We got back to Phoenix with three days to pack up. I’d already done a large part of the work before our California trip, but there was still a lot to accomplish in a short period (which was made shorter with a baby occupying my hip 90% of the time).

Come move-out day, not everything was organized to my (borderline OCD) standards, but everything was eventually boxed. And that night, in our empty apartment, we celebrated with friends and pizza on the floor.

The Drive

As soon as our friends left -around 9:30 PM- we locked the place up and jumped in the car.

Before beginning the 1,800 mile drive, we stopped at Dutch Bros, the coffee shop I’d grown to love –deeply–, for one final time. Never before did an E>E>E>iced coffee with sugar free vanilla and cream<3<3<3 taste so bittersweet.

That first night we drove right through- stopping just twice for gas. We made it to Amarillo by morning, where feasted at Cracker Barrel. MMm. Evey stretched out her legs as she toddled around the Adirondack chairs and jumbo-sized checker boards.

By the time we were back in the car it was nap time. ZZzzZ. Miles and miles, a couple states later, and before we knew it, it was dinnertime. Subway sandwiches. Bathroom/gas stop. Miles and miles. And we were debating whether or not to even stop for the night or to push through the next eight hours to SB. Bradley got us through. He drove through the night while Eve and I dozed off in the backseat. (Good man.) And the whole 32-hours she only cried once.

Around 7AM- hardly more than one day after we left- we arrived!

New Home

Our first day in South Bend was awesome. First we unpacked a bit from the car, showered, and napped. Around 1PM we got up.

Bradley spent time with Evey, while I got out to explore the area. I picked up Starbucks (not a Dutch Bros, but it’ll have to do- Thrifting brings me genuine joy!

And I struck gold with so many awesome baby clothes. I never really look at furniture, but for some reason on this day I did. I found the most gorgeous vintage, solid wood dresser and detailed mirror. (I’m going to restore them a bit, and I’ll post photos on here later.) Totally our style too. Did I mention it was 50% OFF day? I was so excited! SO EXCITED.

That night,  when I got back to the house, we walked over to the stadium with our cousins to watch a ND football camp (I know, I’m using the wrong football terminology here… but I don’t know what it was called). We got to walk through the tunnel, see Brian Kelly, play around on the field (Evey toddled in the end zone!), and it was seriously awesome.

It was still daylight around 9PM when we got out. We walked over to Five Guys for a second dinner. YUM.

Since Day 1 we’ve just been spending a ton of time with Chris, Katrina, and the kids. Brad is in heaven with his new baseball team, pick-up basketball, and then right this second they are fixing up bikes. He’s happy. Really happy. I mean, he loves doing anything with his big brothers, but a South Bend summer with family is his favorite. Plus, I’m in Heaven too. THERE’S A BEACH HERE. It’s so great. It reminds me of summers in Maryland and swimming in the Bay.

But this chapter is called Godmother and Godfather Are Awesome, so some of that before I log off… They are letting us crash with them for a couple weeks before we are able to move into our sweet, little home (that is just 2 miles, and a beautiful walk through campus, away). To welcome us to SB they gifted us bikes and a baby bike seat for Evelyn. How awesome! I really don’t know how I got so lucky with in-laws. These past few years Katrina has become one of my dearest friends, and she’s a mother and woman who I truly look up to. Evey is blessed to have them as godparents to help get her to Heaven. AND NOW WE ARE NEIGHBORS. This is a good life.

There are many good things happening now and many great things to look forward to this year. Cheers! Cheers! Cheers! to this next venture.